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Jin Motohashi

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update 2022.12.16

Ph.D. Eng. Curator and historian of architecture. Since March 2022, he has stayed at Canadian Centre for Architecture for a year as an oversea trainee of the Agency for Cultural Affairs of the Japanese government. He was previously Assistant Curator at The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, Director at Megro Architecture Laboratory Co., Ltd., and Research Associate at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University.  In 2014, he participated in the Japan Pavilion at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – Venice Biennale. In 2020, He curated 100 Years of BUNRIHA: Can Architecture Be Art? He published Critical words for contemporary architecture (Film Art, Inc. 2022) and HOLZ BAU──Timber Architecture in the Early Modern Period of Germany (TOTO, 2022). He was a charge of a renovation project of the Former Honjo Commercial Bank Brick Warehouse in Honjo from 1896.


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